Testimonials for Jacksonville Florida commercial headshot photographer Joe Anzalone from some of his clients. Joe also specializes in fashion photography and is also a boudior photographer, glamour photographer, product photographer, food photographer, and editorial photographer. His photography is published regularly on websites and in magazine publications.

testimonials for business headshot and portrait photography jacksonville florida

Here's What Some Of Joe's Clients Are Saying:

"Joe recently did some headshots for me that I will be using for commercial, theatrical, and stunt purposes. The photos came out fantastic and Joe's work ethic is top notch. He is very out going and easy to work with, and he communicates what he is looking for very well. He also took my opinion into account which is important to me. Overall I highly recommend Joe for any and all headshot needs."

-Ross R., Actor/Stuntman

"Small place, but the results are BIG. Loved the experience and the outcome. I was going for the "no big smile", but Joe coaxed it out of me, and the result was outstanding. Probably 90% of my friends on FB "liked" the pic and at work, so many compliments. Highly recommend Joe and his awesome mark-up artists. Very natural and professional. Great price for such a great picture. Thanks Joe"

-Holly S.

"Joseph Anzalone is the real deal. He worked at getting a good photo of me and I hate to have my picture taken. My appointment with him was very pleasant, he promised my finished photo on a certain day and he kept is promise. I would recommend him for all photographic projects. You will not be disappointed."

-Mary J.

"Joe was truly awesome to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional headshots. Joe spent time with me in advance over the phone giving me insight as to what to expect and how to prepare. He put me at ease in front of the camera so the best me showed in the finished photos - thanks Joe, I really appreciate it!"

-Tom L.

"Joe was was very professional, did a sitting on short notice and produced the final photos as promised."

-Paul Y.

"I am in the mortgage/finance industry. I was publishing a full page ad with one of my Real Estate partners, and was desperately in need of updated professional head shots. I found Joe on the internet and his work looked amazing. He squeezed me into his schedule within 24 hours, and spent a tremendous amount of time with me. He took a lot of photos, and even per my last minute request, added some outdoor shots. He sat with me well beyond my slotted time, and reviewed them all to make certain he chose the ones I agreed were the best options. His attention to detail is remarkable. He touches the photos up just enough to make them professional, but not to the extent that they don't look like you! He even took the time to help me choose the jewelry that he thought would look best in the pictures when I came scrambling in with a bag full. Even though we all really enjoy getting head shots blown up in the highest possible resolution (ha ha), Joe made the process very smooth and did everything in his power to make sure I was happy with him. I would never hesitate to recommend him, whether it's a professional head shot, family photo shoot, or event you need captured. He is spectacular!"

-Cindy R.

"The photos came out excellent and the photographer was real professional when making sure your look was perfect."

-Larry F.

"With smartphones, tablets and digital cameras available, most people have lost sight of a rare skill, which to my experience is the outstanding excellence of Joe: Catching THE right view and moment for the indivdual headshot. This makes the significant and gorgeous difference."

-Heinrich K.

"I was given a referral to contact Joseph to get professional business headshots done. When I searched his website, it was easy to navigate around and to get an idea of what to expect. I sent him an email and within 12 hours I received a phone call from Joseph to talk about my expectations. During the shoot, Joseph made me feel relaxed and took time to catch a glimpse of my personality before capturing it on film. It was enjoyable to work with Joseph and receive a high level of professionalism every step of the new experience for me. I highly recommend Joseph to go above and beyond anyone's business professional needs."

-Rachal T.

"Joe took my professional head shots in a comfortable, cozy environment, captured authentic images and produced stunning results for me. VERY highly recommend using his service!"

-Suzanne W.

"Joe, thank you so much for taking care of the staff I sent you, Ashley and Mary. I appreciate your ability to quickly fit us in and deliver professional results. The head shots are outstanding. You delivered what I was looking for. "

-Paul M.

"I recently worked with Joe getting headshots taken for my business. I have never been comfortable in front of a camera until I worked with Joe. He was great and even got a "real" smile out of me! "

-Andrew R.

"Instantly, I could tell Joe was very talented, by his demeanor, how he worked with me and my hairdresser, and his desire to create the best product possible. He met me on location without hesitation. Absolutely, extraordinary customer service from accommodation, promptness, talented eye, professionalism, to a high quality product. I've compared my head shot to others in my profession and Joe's work far exceeds what I've seen in the industry."

-Beth O.

"Joe was awesome to work with! I went to him needing professional head shots, and he went above and beyond. Joe made me feel comfortable during the shoot while still managing to get all sorts of different angles and shots. He was extremely creative when it came to the scenery of the shoot and was more than willing to do as many shots as I wanted. The final product was more than I imagined and all of my shots came out great!!"

-Allison B.

"Joe consistently makes ALL of his clients shine in his photography! He is able to capture your true personality in his images. Joe is not just a photographer, but a videographer as well with many videos to his credit. His quality of work is top-notch and my consistent experiences with Joe have never produced anything less than amazing photographs and business head-shots that I will use and enjoy for years to come! He is professional, courteous and the whole experience is never lacking. Joe is definitely my "go-to" guy for all of my photographic business needs. You will NOT be disappointed!"

-Jen G.

"I was really worried about getting another set of not good pictures. I was so shocked when I got Joe's pictures, they were AMAZING. By far the best pictures I have EVER had done. I can not recommend him enough to anyone needing professional pictures."

-Kim D.

"Working with Joe was an amazing experience. Our photo shoots were very professional and fun. He is truly a gifted photographer with an eye for amazing pictures. Can't wait for our next shoot."

-Daniel A.

"Joe made my headshot photography experience extremely comfortable, while spending additional time to capture photos that would present me superbly. I am thankful to have met Joe, and would recommend him to anyone who needs professional photography done."

-Doug L.

"Working with Joe was a 1st class experience and his work impressive! I couldn't pick just one! So I got two. I also refer him to our advisors for their professional business photos."

-Rebecca B.

"Joe was awesome. Taking pictures are not my favorite however, Joe has a way of bringing out the best in his clients. I have received numerous complements on my photograph and it even made the jacksonville business journal. Thank you Joe you have helped my business and career. You my photographer of choice. I'd send everyone to you."

-Harold H.

"Joe always knows how to create a product that will impress. Not only is he kind, patient, and talented, he always goes above and beyond to deliver his work in a way that makes me whole-heartedly, hands down a huge fan.""

-Gabrielle M.

"I'm always inspired to create great images, especially when I work with my clients."

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